Jaguars, Titans, Colts combine to contribute $100,000 to Houston storm relief fund


The Texans and Janice McNair gave $500,000 to the Houston/Harris County 2021 Winter Storm Relief Fund. Their rivals have made a contribution, too.

The Jaguars, Titans, and Colts have announced that they have jointly contributed $100,000 to the effort. The NFL Foundation has added another $100,000, increasing the amount to $200,000.

Last week’s extreme and sustained cold temperatures created widespread power outages and, as a result, significant and widespread damage.

Instead of wondering whether these billion-dollar businesses should have dug a little deeper than $33,333.33 each, spend that mental energy kicking in a little cash of your own in order to get the totals as high as they can be for our brothers and sisters who continue to struggle through the aftermath of last week’s mess.

You can also text HOUSTONFREEZE to 51555.

These natural disasters will continue to affect American communities. As Americans, we should be ready to step up and help whenever something like this happens.